The adult human body has between 206 and 213 bones from the top of the head to the toes. With bones supporting every part of the body, having a fracture in any of them can create complications for daily life and work. Multiple fractures can multiply those complications. The most common cause of bone fractures is trauma, whether because of a car accident, sports incident, assault, or falls.

The fracture’s significance depends on what caused the break and how forceful it was. In some cases, the force is weak enough only to crack the bone and not fully fracture it. But with extreme force, a bone can not only fracture but shatter into small pieces.

There are many types of bone fractures. Here’s a look at the four most common fractures stemming from trauma of some sort, whether a car accident, falls, or other damaging situation.

Five Most Common Bone Fractures

Compression fracture. A compression fracture starts in the spinal column and eventually leads to the collapse of the vertebrae. This can happen from trauma or osteoporosis. This type of fracture and collapse can cause considerable pain.

Open fracture. An open fracture usually results from trauma and involves the broken bone breaking through the skin (as opposed to a closed fracture, where the bone breaks but doesn’t pierce through the skin). Once the skin has broken open, the risk of infection increases, and medical attention should be sought immediately. This type of fracture often requires surgery to repair.

Comminuted fracture. This type of fracture is often the result of a fall or significant accident. In a comminuted fracture, the bone shatters into many pieces. This causes tremendous pain and usually requires surgery to repair.

Greenstick fracture. A greenstick fracture is found in children whose bones are still growing and are softer than adult bones. In this case, the bone breaks on just one side, not through the entire bone. It can cause pain to the child. If such a fracture is suspected, it’s a good idea to get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Why See a Personal Injury Lawyer About a Bone Fracture?

If a significant physical trauma, such as a car accident or fall, leads to bone fractures, the fracture is considered to be a catastrophic incident. If that trauma happened because of someone else’s actions (such as a driver running a red light or someone not clearing or treating ice from a sidewalk), the person at fault might be responsible for compensating the victim.

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